• Strudel Suspects: A San Pedro Excursion
    2Sense Los Angeles 03/01/12

    In the movie “Usual Suspects,” we’re introduced to a nefarious crew led by Keaton, flanked by Kevin Spacey’s character, Verbal, and accompanying misfits. Part way through, they meet up with Red Foot the Fence at this pagoda south of Los Angeles. The group then discusses nefarious things, forming a nefarious friendship. A recent 2Sense-Los Angeles excursion to a San Pedro strudel shop provided a friendly atmosphere of the less sordid sort… The type we envisioned for breakfast, which stands for the meaning behind the Korean Bell of Friendship where the familiar suspects met…

    In 1978, the Republic of Korea (South) gifted the bell as friendship between the two republican nations, espousing the humanity between the two. Up the block from its seaside locale, you’ll find Mishi’s Strudel Bakery & Cafe, a Hungarian strudel house set up as such: adorned in folksy furniture, dolls, doilies, and a super friendly staff.


  • Frugal Find: Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café
    Los Angeles Magazine 09/01/11

    Hungarian pastries are just the start at Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café

    The grandmotherly charm of Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café in San Pedro draws you in, but the polished eastern European cooking and the Hungarian-style pastries make this more than an old-world novelty. Owners Aniko and Mishi Schueller pack flaky crusts with such fillings as wild blueberries or tart cherries and savory combos like spinach and beef. They also plumb their childhood memories to re-create traditional palacsinta (filled crepes) and soul-warming gulyas leves...


  • 25 delectable dining deals
    LA Times 09/16/09

    12. Apple-walnut strudel at Mishi's Strudel, $4.15: Mishi's in downtown San Pedro has a seemingly endless supply of the flaky pastry, fresh and frozen strudel (the latter for take-home baking) stuffed with apricots, blueberries, sour cherries, even savory spiced beef...



  • Our #1 rating on YELP for the San Pedro area:
    yelp.com 08/17/09

    “What a wonderful little place and worth going out of your way for.  Perfectly prepared savory crepes followed by the best strudel I have ever had.  The atmosphere is like being in someone's living room and the owner is so sweet.”

    “If you haven't been here, do yourself a favor and give Mishi's a try. I know I'll be back!”

    “INCREDIBLE PLACE! … They treated me like gold…”

    “Believe EVERY review you see here! This place is the REAL DEAL. Where else can you sit back, eat the most delectable strudel in Southern California, enjoy the VERY relaxing atmosphere while reading a Deutsche Zeitschrift (German magazine)?”

    “Mishi's is a precious family-owned & operated treasure that is not to be missed.”


  • San Pedro Today cover and story:
    San Pedro Today 08/01/09

    San Pedro Today Cover Stoty

  • Featured in the LA Times Guide:
    latimes.com 07/15/09

    Quaintly decorated like a European country inn, this shop specializes in strudel from “Aunt Ethel’s” Old World recipe, Ethel being the aunt of owners Michael “Mishi” and Aniko Schueller. Strudel comes in a multitude of fruit flavors, plus chocolate, vanilla, cheese, nuts, cabbage, spinach and seasonal specials. You can also order a sweet crepe with a fruit or Nutella-type filling, or a savory crepe with some combination of ham, cheese, spinach, mushrooms and sour cream. How about a bowl of goulash to chase away the winter chills?


  • Local Writer and dear friend:
    blog 02/02/09

    “In particular Aniko and Mishi, who have a small cafe where they bake their wonderful home-made strudel, have become something akin to extended family.  We discuss their business as it has grown and expanded, family matters as they crop up, and recently I helped them with planning a high tea service they are giving for Valentine's Day customers.”


  • Chowhound:
    chowhound.chow.com 12/12/07

    “Strudel aficionados this is the place. Strudel is light, crispy and homemade. You can eat in the cozy bakery or you can take out either baked or frozen strudels. Excellent!”