Old Europe in New California

A family tradition emerges from its roots in Central Europe to America's beautiful west coast.  Located in the historic downtown area of San Pedro, California, Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Café is a little taste of Europe where you're sure to enjoy homemade, handcrafted delights in our comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Using a recipe drawn from the traditions of the old country, Mishi's Aunt, the renowned Ethel Pálfi, perfected her technique of strudel making in the '70s, and eventually brought it to sunny Southern California.  As her fame grew and word spread of her unique recipe, the shop boomed.  Her Hungarian Strudel Shop became a fixture on Main Street in El Segundo, California in 1977.  Thirty years later, Ethel's famous recipe, molded with Mishi & Anikó's zest for the delicate pastry, puts us at December 6th, 2007: opening day of Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Cafe.

While Mishi's Strudel is crafted out of tradition, history, and good old-fashioned family love and care, the history of Hungarian strudel itself, is one of great cultural pride.  The paper-thin strudel dough, which experts say must be stretched thin enough to read through, is a frequently sweet, but occasionally savory pastry, which is filled, rolled and then baked.

A true "mom and pop" shop, Mishi and Anikó take great pride in creating a special home away from home.  From his background as a computer specialist, Mishi's palate for pastries evolved from growing up in Chile, to Hungarian boarding school, to studying at the Technical University in Munich, and to eventually raising a family in Northern California.  His diverse taste buds truly reflect his world travels and refine the unique Hungarian flavors you'll find at Mishi's Strudel.  And as they say, behind every great man is a great woman.  Without exception, Anikó provides the nuance, love, and hard work that makes Mishi's the special place it is today.  Appropriately enough, Mishi and Anikó's first date involved a central Budapest cafe famous for its desserts: Gerbaud.  Pursuing a career as a professional concert pianist, Anikó's studies led her to Vienna and eventually Munich, where her artistry and careful attention to detail, decorated their beautiful little home in the Olympic Village.  It is only through this perfect combination of artfulness, nuance, love and world cultures that makes Mishi's Strudel truly unique.

So grab your favorite book or laptop and head down to Mishi's.  Enjoy a coffee and strudel, or bring your whole family for a special meal they'll not soon forget.  Oh and don't let the intimate café environment fool you, Mishi's Strudel caters to both your wholesale and catering needs as well.